Podcaster Pro Tips

Tips to promote your podcast and win new listeners

Over the last decade or so, podcasts have taken the world by storm as more and more listeners tune out from traditional, fixed-slot radio broadcasting and shift their attention to downloadable content. However, while this huge rise in the popularity of podcasts has...

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Topic Ideas For Your Business Podcast

Many business owners like the idea of having a podcast or may feel that they have to, to stay current but then have no idea what kind of content should be covered. A business podcast can be a great opportunity to promote your business, humanize the brand and showcase...

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How to Start a Sports Podcast

Although podcasts have been around and relevant for a long time now, it’s only in recent years where they have really taken off. This is largely due to the accessibility of them now. Platforms like Spotify and YouTube make it easy for viewers to enjoy as many podcast...

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Why Your Podcast Isn’t Bringing You Profit

Why Your Podcast Isn’t Bringing You Profit  4 Reasons You’re Not Making Money from Your Podcast While there are myriad reasons to start your own podcast — sharing your passions with others, creating a community, or flexing your creative muscles, just to name a few —...

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The 3 Best Practices for Podcast Intro Music

Intro music is an essential part of the listener’s experience, but for you, the podcast, it's invaluable. That memorable tune always playing at the top of your podcast is not only an attention-getter, it’s the sonic signature of your show. That’s why you need podcast...

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You’re The Expert.

Your podcast will prove it.