Podcasts are a great way to build a brand and position as a thought leader. You can discuss topics that are relevant to your niche and show off your expertise to an engaged audience. Businesses are increasingly using podcasts to reach a wider audience, but covering the right topics is critical. If you go too off-topic, you will alienate your target listener, and discussing a very niche topic might alienate anyone lacking in-depth knowledge of the sector. 

It’s all about treading a fine line between interesting/engaging and relevant. If your business is in the manufacturing sector, you might be wondering what to talk about in a podcast. Fear not because we have a few ideas to get you started. 

Industry Trends

Manufacturing is a huge industry sector in developed countries like the US and China, but it can be volatile as demand for different products shifts and supply chain issues cause disruption. Anyone interested in or currently working in the manufacturing sector will likely have an interest in the latest trends. Topics you may wish to cover include a decline in manufacturing jobs, the need for diversifying supply chains, the rise in automation, and a strong focus on green manufacturing and carbon neutrality. 

The Current State of the Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing is a key part of the economy for many countries. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lot of disruption in the last two years and many manufacturers are recovering from problems such as labor shortages and supply chain disruption. A podcast that covers these issues and more will likely be interesting to those with a keen eye on the sector.

Business Advice

Don’t underestimate how popular a podcast that covers business advice for manufacturing companies, small and large, will be. You could discuss topics such as recruitment and HR or cover things like building a resilient supply chain to avoid future issues. You might have a lot of ideas if you have worked with a supply chain consulting expert like Supply Velocity, so use these and help educate others.

Lean Methodology 

Lean manufacturing is an important methodology. Many large manufacturing companies have taken on board lean concepts to improve their efficiency and eliminate waste. It is undoubtedly a great topic to discuss if you plan on making a manufacturing podcast.

Talk about the key principles of lean manufacturing, such as value stream, flow, and perfection. Offer your own experiences as an example of how lean can help manufacturing businesses build a more sustainable future. Tell listeners what tools you use and how you have optimized your manufacturing processes.

If you have completed popular lean methodology courses like Six Sigma, talk about what you learned and how it helped you. Listeners will find these topics fascinating. 

Your Own Experiences

Finally, don’t be afraid to talk about your own experiences in the manufacturing sector. Perhaps you can offer a female viewpoint if you are a woman or talk about how you set up your own small manufacturing business. 

Podcasts can help businesses engage with a wider audience, so why not start your own manufacturing podcast today?