The Turnkey Podcast

053 Scott Sambucci: Finding Success in Podcasting

Scott Sambucci is a startup coach, speaker, podcaster, and international best-selling author. He spent 25 years building sales processes and creating technology products as an executive at two publicly-traded companies. As Chief Sales Geek at SalesQualia, Sambucci...

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052 Kristin Molenaar: How to be a Good Podcast Guest

Today we are all about “work less, make more.” Kristin is an entrepreneur-enthusiast who lives by the mantra "work less + make more". She enjoys helping entrepreneurs ditch the vanity metrics for true connections. She's the CEO of YesBoss, a digital agency that helps...

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051 Jay Rooke: The Hidden Gift

Raw and relevant is he and he is no stranger to the podcast waves or radio waves, Jay Rooke is the host of Think Deeply, Speak Simply — Mastering the Art of Business Communication  Jay started out as a trial attorney, but he always wanted to follow his passion to be...

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050 What Holds You Back?

In this episode Doug Sandler discusses: The greatest growth opportunities are what is holding you back both professionally and personally. Push through and take it to the next level. Find a resource or support to help you push through in areas you are unsure of, you...

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049 Janet Fish: Taking your Podcast to The Next Level

Turnkey community, check out this history and today’s guest experience - a former corporate executive turned serial entrepreneur, Janet Fish has found her passion in coaching others. Under the acronym PAK, (professional ass kicker) Janet challenges her clients (of...

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047 Kim Weitkamp: Converting Your Audience to Customers

4 steps to converting audiences members into customers   Creating a Call to Action That Works   Make it very clear (one thing), very short, and benefit-oriented. Write it out and practice its delivery so that you are confident in delivering the information and the...

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045 The Challenges of Being a New Podcaster

Doug Sandler is an entrepreneur and podcast industry leader. His book, Nice Guys Finish First is a #1 ranked Amazon Best Seller.  As a podcast host of The Nice Guys on Business, Doug has interviewed Gary V, Arianna Huffington, John C. Maxwell, and dozens of celebs....

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042 The Dream Team for SEO Copywriting and Web Design 

In this episode Doug Sandler and Turnkey clients discuss:  Seo: search engine optimization. A way to think about your target audience and  rank number one on google through keyword usage. Copywriting: words that you put into the world that tell people what you do and...

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041 Podcaster Spotlight

Shereese Alexander - The TNG Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-tng-podcast/id1513858374   James Lam - 3 Steps to Thrive https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/3-steps-to-thrive/id1513849983   Michelle Nedelec - The Business Ownership Podcast...

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040 JJ Flizanes & Michael Neeley: When to Pivot

In this episode Doug, JJ and Michael discuss:  Do you pivot, pursue it, or pull the plug? Do you stay the course, but change your strategy? What metrics and analytics do you use to measure success?   Key Takeaways:  If your podcast is still serving its purpose, keep...

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