• Doug hosted a podcast episode with several professional podcast guests. They introduced themselves and discussed their experiences with podcasting. 
  • Doug gathered a group of pro podcasters to discuss how they have successfully connected their business to their podcast, using it as a tool for business development and lead generation.  
  • During the conversation, John talked about his podcast “Building Your Life with John Browning” and how he left Wall Street to serve individuals. Ryan shared about his podcast “Net Profit” which focuses on improving profits for small business owners. Doug shared his journey in podcasting and how it led to valuable business connections. 
  • Several participants discussed their reasons for getting into podcasting, which included building credibility, promoting a book, getting free advice, and building relationships. They also shared how podcasting led to opportunities such as speaking engagements, coaching clients, and real estate deals. 
  • Nozomi, Doug, and Wendy discussed how having a podcast is an easier way to reach out to people and potentially turn them into clients, rather than directly asking them to buy your services. They also emphasized the importance of not using information gathered from prospects against them and avoiding sales tactics that may be perceived as manipulative. – 
  • The group discussed their challenges and reasons for getting into podcasting, with Ryan initially being nervous about being a host but ultimately finding success. They also talked about the importance of providing value to listeners and the benefits of podcasting for networking and marketing 
  • The group discussed the challenges they faced before starting their podcasts, including doubts about their audience, technical difficulties, and lack of experience with interviewing. However, they found satisfaction in building relationships with guests and receiving positive feedback from listeners. 
  • Doug, Alay, Neil, and Karen discussed the unexpected benefits of podcasting, including building unexpected relationships, connecting with heroes, and gaining confidence. They also shared their successes in generating business, getting clients, and referrals. –  
  • Doug, Wendy, Nozomi, Text, Neil, and Karen discussed the hidden gifts of podcasting, advised those who hesitate to start a podcast to not worry about being perfect and just jump in, and shared ideas for their second podcasts, including a daily market update, joining a band at 66, and life coaching for mega agents.  
  • The group discussed advice for starting a podcast, including being yourself, finding someone who knows how to podcast, investing in a production company, staying committed, and not quitting. 
  • Doug and his guests discussed tips and advice for starting and maintaining a successful podcast, including the importance of enjoying the process, narrowing your audience, and seeking help with production and strategy. They also shared ideas for potential podcast topics and collaborations. 


Karen Briscoe –  5 Minute Success

Jeff Hockett – More Money In Your Pocket

Jeff Harty – On Intellectual Property

Alay Yajnik –  Lawyer Business Advantage

Ryan Kimler – Net Profit Podcast

Nozomi Morgan – Boundaryless Leadership

Wendy Weiss – Salesology

John Browning – Building Your Life

Neil Tyra – The Law Entrepreneur 

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