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About Doug & Strick

Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner have been friends for more than 20 years. They share a common passion – exemplary customer service. Going above and beyond has always been the key to business for both Doug and Strick. Both have built successful businesses and both have spent a career over-delivering in a world filled with mediocre service.

As hosts of the widely popular Nice Guys on Business Podcast, they have created and produced more than 1000 episodes of their podcast, interviewing hundreds of guests from well-known celebrities to everyday working heroes. Their show has been downloaded nearly 4 million times and shared millions of times in over 175 countries. In 2021, they will reach a milestone, 1,200 episodes.

Doug and Strick are the perfect pair to bring you professional, award-winning service and help you put your best foot forward. 

The Nice Guys on Business

Here’s where it all got started. In 2015, Doug and Strick cranked up their microphones for the first time as The Nice Guys. Today, their podcast has exploded on the podcasting space, being awarded coveted iTunes New and Noteworthy status in their first month of podcast production, and, more recently, one of Inc.’s 12 Podcasts That Will Make You A Better Leader. Since then, The Nice Guys have produced more than 1000 episodes, with nearly 4 million downloads. Their interviews are a who’s-who of the business and pop-culture world, including digital media guru Gary Vaynerchuk, Arianna Huffington, and many more. They don’t just have fans, they have funknfans that follow their every move on social media and on air. If you want to laugh while you learn, see why the funknfans are so crazy for The Nice Guys.

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Meet Our Team

Doug Sandler

Doug Sandler

CEO, On-Air Host and Talent Expert | PODCASTOLOGIST

Doug has interviewed hundreds of business leaders. As co-host of The Nice Guys on Business Podcast and an interviewer, Doug has interviewed digital marketing guru Gary Vaynerchuk, media superstar Arianna Huffington, ABC’s Dan Harris, Celebrity Apprentice Jeffrey Hayzlett, NY Times and Wall Street Journal best-seller Jeffrey Gitomer, and dozens of celebs and business leaders. As an author, Doug’s book, Nice Guys Finish First, is an Amazon best seller. Doug is a nationally recognized speaker and shares his Nice Guy’s relationship building message with businesses across the country. As Turnkey’s concept development expert, Doug works directly with clients on podcast planning and development.

Strickland Bonner

Strickland Bonner

President and Production Expert PODCASTOLOGIST

Strickland Bonner is the co-host of The Nice Guys on Business and co-founder of Turnkey Podcast Productions. He’s the guy who crunches the numbers and solves the puzzles. He gets excited about creating new systems to make Turnkey more efficient and to better serve clients. Strickland has more than 30 years of experience with audio engineering, sound mixing, and live music. He has performed and mixed live sound for over 1500 events. He has overseen the launch of nearly 100 podcasts and over 2500 podcast episodes. When he’s not busy producing new shows for Turnkey Podcast or co-hosting The Nice Guys on Business, he occasionally likes to eat and sleep. (Oh, and don’t try to connect with him on Twitter—he’s working hard on his New Year’s resolution to be less active on social media. Facebook knows all though—bump into him in the Nice Guys Community and say hi.)

Christopher Morales

Christopher Morales

Social Media Director PODCASTOLOGIST

Christopher is a college undergrad majoring in Communication at Cornell University. In Fall 2017, Lou Diamond spoke to his class and was hiring interns for his podcast. As a Lou Diamond-reject, he was referred to Doug and The Nice Guys on Business! It wasn’t long before he was running social media at Turnkey Podcast by posting images, videos, and pretty much anything he feels like because let’s face it, Doug and Strickland aren’t checking anyway! Though he isn’t the youngest of the group anymore, you’d certainly be impressed by his consistent tie-adorned dress code for weekly team production calls. You can track his aventuras (Spanish for “adventures“) on Instagram (@Chris23Morales).

Marjorie Alexander

Marjorie Alexander

Head of Operations PODCASTOLOGIST

Marjorie Alexander is a podcast producer, environmental consultant, well-dressed hippie, and occasional bossypants. When she’s not helping Turnkey clients solve all their tech woes, she coaches budding environmental influencers to create impactful and lasting change in their community. Her favorite hobbies include sailing, building tiny houses, and being unofficial tech-support for friends when searching Google until 3am has yielded no results. A friend once said, “Marjorie likes it when things are wrong” so she can take credit for fixing it…yes, that pretty much sums it up. Marjorie is also the host of A Sustainable Mind podcast, where she has interviewed some of the world’s most influential environmental changemakers.

Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie

Chelsea Taylor-Sturkie


With a heavy arsenal of charming wit and sarcasm, Chelsea goes full speed ahead every day. She is an English graduate who now uses her communication and leadership skills to take new employees under her wing as the lead trainer for a title research company by day and write show notes by night. Sleep is a mythical concept to Chelsea (“sleep is for the weak”), which leaves her plenty of time to read a good book, have intellectual conversations regarding the importance of Captain America and Harry Potter with friends, and spend time with her husband and cat, Charlie (who is more of a golden retriever in a cat’s body than a proper cat).

Jimmy Ravenscroft

Jimmy Ravenscroft

Editing Supervisor PODCASTOLOGIST

Hailing from Missoula, Montana, Jimmy Ravenscroft is a fun-loving extrovert and father to a 6 year old (corgi) by the name of Lily. He’s been working with this amazing Turnkey team since July of 2019 and has been loving every minute of it! When he’s not editing podcasts, Jimmy’s favorite things include live music, trying new recipes with his wife, and hiking the beautiful landscape Montana has to offer. He is a self-proclaimed “whiskey enthusiast” and loves all outdoor activities.

Jennie Bellinger

Jennie Bellinger

Executive Trainer PODCASTOLOGIST

Jennie Bellinger is a Certified Professional Coach and the Lead Podcast Launch Trainer with Turnkey Podcast Productions. She is also the host of the Badass Direct Sales Mastery Podcast.  When she’s not training Turnkey’s amazing clients, she works with badass direct sales moms to achieve the financial and time freedom they desire so they can be fully present in their children’s lives. An entrepreneur since 2010, she understands the desire to contribute to your family’s future and be present with them in the here and now, and how difficult balancing those two priorities can be. So Jennie has learned the hard way (while building two separate businesses, raising two kids, and navigating a divorce) to fulfill that need to contribute and be there for her children.

Because Jennie is a Certified Professional Coach, her methods aren’t painful, but are very effective.

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