As the founder of The Podwize Group and host of the Go Pitch Yourself podcast, Angie Trueblood uses her entrepreneurial spirit, innovative thinking, and superconnector powers to deeply support business owners who are using podcasts as a core tenet of their business growth. Personally, Angie is passionate about normalizing the voices of women in leadership positions, which she feels privileged to play an active role in through her work. When she’s not knee-deep in the podcasting space for work, she can be found spending time with her family and friends in Richmond, VA, bingeing the Smartless podcast, and attempting to develop a love of bourbon (a relatively failed effort, at this point).

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And, if you’re up for it, Angie would love to share her free downloadable “Podcast Pitches that Convert” with your audience.  Listeners can sign up for a sneak peek at some of The Podwize Group’s best pitches that were accepted and also learn the seven parts of a great pitch.  The link for that free download is

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