The popularity of podcasts has exploded over recent years, with 78% of US citizens aware of podcasts and 28% of those listening to podcasts every week. Naturally, this opens up a viable opportunity for businesses to reach new audiences to discuss important topics. No matter what the industry, there will be an audience out there ready to listen. With this in mind, we talk about why manufacturing businesses should start podcasting about the importance of hygiene. 

Demonstrates Hygiene Priorities

Given the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the public has rightly become more concerned about manufacturing processes. Before choosing to buy goods, many consumers will carry out research to find out where the product comes from, which means they’re taking a look at several different aspects including environmental awareness and hygiene. 

A great way for a business to demonstrate that they hold hygiene in high regard is to podcast about it. This can be as simple as introducing a weekly segment about why hygiene is important and what measures are being taken within your facilities. 

Increases Brand Authority

Businesses need to establish themselves as an authority in their field if they want to cut through the competition. By podcasting about crucial aspects of manufacturing, like hygiene, your audience will recognize your expertise. After all, if you make an error during a podcast, it won’t be long until a competitor or audience member points it out. If this happens, the best course of action is to own it publicly and evolve.

Allows You to Partner With Other Brands

People tune into podcasts because they’re interested in the topic. If you’re discussing hygiene in manufacturing, your listeners may be searching for reputable brands to source cleaning equipment. For example, if you’ve had a positive experience using the TrueClean ToteCleaner, tell your audience that this brand can be relied on. 

In return for your positive words, you’re in a great positive to form strong partnerships with other brands, which may lead to discounts or the favor being returned. 

Holds You Accountable to Promises Made

Once you’ve built up an audience for a podcast, you may start to attract thousands of listeners. If you talk about how important hygiene is within your business, you have more accountability to make sure your word is taken seriously. If one of your podcast listeners visited your facility and saw that hygiene processes weren’t being followed, the fact you’ve spoken about its importance in a public forum and failed to deliver will harm your reputation significantly. 

Boosts Website Traffic

Driving traffic to your website will be one of the aims of your marketing strategy. When a person enjoys what they hear on your podcast, they’ll subscribe to hear more and they’ll tell other people about it. Naturally, this will guide more traffic to your website, which will eventually help your bottom line. 

Podcasting has the power to crack open new audiences and adds more value to existing ones. When you discuss serious topics like hygiene in manufacturing, you will establish yourself as an authority, meaning more people will use your services.