Podcasts have certainly seen a huge amount of growth in the past few years as more and more people continue to listen to them. As a result, it means that several different themes are explored and essentially, if you want to find a podcast about something, chances are it exists out there somewhere. You shouldn’t let that deter you from starting one of your own though. If you have something you are passionate about and that you want to talk about, then getting your podcast set up has never been easier. 

How to Start a Podcast 

What do you need to start your podcast? You would be surprised at just how straightforward it is. To get going you will need the following: 

  • A Mic: Yes, you should make sure that you get yourself a good quality microphone before you begin recording your podcast. You will be able to get a decent one regardless of what your budget is, but if you want something top tier, then you might need to break the bank a little more. 
  • Somewhere to Record: The next thing you need is somewhere good that you can record. You’re going to want somewhere with a flat surface that isn’t prone to a huge amount of outside noise. 
  • Somewhere to Post: There are several different platforms that you can use to post your podcast, so have a look at the variety and then choose whichever you think looks best for you. 

Legal Ideas for Your Podcast 

Of course, if you are going to make a podcast, then you also need something to talk about. A lot of people are interested in law and, as such, if you want to make a podcast about a legal field, then this is a good idea. A few suggestions could include: 

  • Employment Law in Specific States 

The rights of an employee and an employer are something that business owners and workers are going to want to know more about and, as such, this is a good topic to dive into. Other benefits come with exploring this because it will be easy to tap into a niche if you do it based on a specific state. For instance, if you live in Colorado, then you could talk about the law there. In doing so, you could reach out to experts, such as those at Baird Quinn who specialize in wrongful termination in Colorado, and ask for a breakdown of a specific area and their opinion on that area of law. In doing this, you will be making something informative and engaging. 

  • Controversial Areas of Law 

If you are interested in engaging with your audience and getting lots of content out of specific subjects, then controversial areas of law are a good idea. There are several different laws, such as those surrounding rape, abortion, international justice, and so on, where opinions are incredibly divided. You could use your podcast to explain what the law is in that area and then be an impartial voice who allows individuals from both sides to give their opinion on the matter. In a world where media noise can be deafening sometimes, providing a platform for well-mannered discussion will be a breath of fresh air for people.