Are you considering starting a podcast where the topic is forklifts? Perhaps you’ve already started but you want to be sure you get things off on the right foot, discussing topics that are current, relevant, and interesting to your audience. The great thing about podcasts is they can reach so many, and by discussing a niche topic such as forklifts, you can connect with an audience that is extremely passionate about the same topic you have an interest in.

To help you get your forklift-focused podcast off the ground, or keep it interesting, here are four topics you may want to consider.

The Importance of a Visual and Physical Inspection Pre-Use

If you’re an expert in all things forklift-related, then you likely know the importance of the pre-use visual and physical inspection of the vehicle. This topic will be of interest to many, and you can even talk about how to create a pre-use checklist and what should be included in it. Pre-use checklists are user-friendly and quick and yet can help the operator identify potential issues.

The Most Common Hazards Forklift Operators Need to be Aware Of

Forklift operators always need to be alert and ready to respond to hazards, making this an incredibly important topic to discuss. This can prevent accidents from occurring and save the business a lot of stress. You can discuss the kind of hazards that exist, what the worst outcomes can be, the kind of damage to property and people that can occur, and how to best prevent it.

How to Train Employees on Signage in the Workplace

Floor and wall signage can help guide forklift operators, warn them of potential dangers and hazards, and ensure flow is maintained. They act as visual reminders not just for forklift operators but anyone else working in the building. You can discuss the most common and important signs to have, the best placement for them, and how to train staff on reading the signs.

What to Look for When Renting or Purchasing a New Forklift for Your Business

This particular topic is probably more geared toward owners of businesses that rely on forklifts in their factories or warehouse. Just like with any piece of equipment, forklifts don’t last forever and eventually, you’ll need to replace your current model(s). 

Renting can be a great solution for some businesses, as it can be more cost-effective allowing you to get the latest technology. However, for other businesses, it makes more sense to purchase a forklift. The key is to have a checklist of must-have items when shopping for a new one so it matches the needs of the company. For example, you could take a look at a local Komatsu forklift supplier and the advantages it offers clients, which can lead to an informative discussion with your audience. 

Making Sure Your Podcast Finds Its Audience

These are just some of the interesting topics you can cover on your podcast about forklifts. The best piece of advice is to put yourself in the shoes of your target audience and ask what would be useful and interesting to them. This will help guide your content calendar.