When working in a logistics or labor-intensive industry, you want to do all that you can to ensure that all workers are safe and protected. Of course, having a robust health and safety plan and completing regular risk assessments can be a great way to keep workers safe, but technology can also be used.

Tech has become super important in protecting our workforces, as it offers sophisticated solutions to ensure that everything runs smoothly without issues. Here are some great pieces of tech that are keeping workers safe.

Asset tracking

When you manage a big fleet of vehicles and drivers, you must know where they are and how they’re getting on. This can help you not only plan their working schedule so that it’s more efficient, but also keep them safe. When you use a product like Geotab asset tracking, you’ll be able to see where all your vehicles are, have details on the loads that they have, and in general, get information about each of your drivers.

Some trackers also allow you to see when people are driving and the average speed that they’re traveling at so that you can ensure that all your drivers are following best practices.

Machine Sensors

When working with heavy machinery in factories, it’s important to do what you can to ensure that works are safe when operating these machines. One great thing that you can use is machine sensors. These can be attached to your machinery and track the performance of the machines.

With these sensors, you’ll be alerted to any issues that these machines have so that no one accidentally operates a faulty machine that could be dangerous. For example, if the machine is running too hot, then sensors will inform you. If there’s a change in pressure, these sensors can inform you about that.


A lot of businesses are now issuing their staff with wearables. These are devices that are worn to allow workers to track their bodily functions. It can be used to ensure that workers aren’t exposed to high temperatures for too long and can also be used to monitor heart rate, respiration, and other indicators of overwork. Having this information can prevent workers from overdoing it, keeping them safe and at less risk of injury.

Some wearables can monitor the environment that a worker is in. So, for example, a wearable could alert a worker that there’s unsafe air quality or that the temperature could cause injury. This data can help keep workers safe.


When working in logistics or factory settings, the safety and well-being of the workers are of great importance. Using technology can greatly help reduce risks of injury, and the current implementation of modern tech is having a positive impact on workplace standards.