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Client FAQ

Intro to Monday.com – Our Production Management System

FULL MONDAY TRAINING VIDEO (10 MIN) This video will show you how to use your Monday.com production board. Feel free to listen at 2x speed to save time but please do watch the video in its entirety so that you know how to use the platform and how to communicate with...

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Do I need to tell you what to edit?

This is a common question among our clients and some have gone to great lengths to write out all the edits they want made to their episodes. This is not necessary. Each of our editors go through dozens of episodes each week and have a great ear for what sounds good....

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Why Do My Show Notes Look Weird?

Every podcast platform and player will read your RSS feed differently. This will cause your description or ‘show notes’ to differ slightly from platform to platform. Many do not enable links, nor do they read advanced formatting like bold,...

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How do I Record with Zoom

Mic or headphones aren’t workingCheck out this how-to video from Zoom. It will walk you through the whole process. Feel free to send this to your guests before their interview if you think they might need assistance.My guest can’t get into the meetingIf your guest has...

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Launching Timeline & FAQ

What is the process for launching the show?Launching is a complex process with a LOT of moving pieces. Check out this page for an explanation of all the parts and what your responsibilities are as the host.How long does it take to launch my show?Once we receive all...

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How do I get my show onto my website?

This is a complex question that depends on many factors including your website platform, your podcast host and personal preference.If you have a Wordpress site, see “Players for your Wordpress website” below.If you have Wix, click here. Please contact Wix support for...

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Players for your WordPress website

You may want to add a player for a specific episode or you entire show to a page on your website. Here are your options:Libsyn Player - only for Libsyn hosted shows, free, simple copy/paste, looks decentSmart Podcast Player - paid plugin, looks good, interesting...

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Explicit Podcasts vs Explicit Episodes

Explicit episodes should be labeled as such within your feed. Any episode that is not labeled explicit but includes explicit material MAY be removed by individual platforms (Apple, Spotify, etc.) at that company's discretion.  Unfortunately, Apple does not...

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Episode Images

Episode images are not recognized by all platforms, podcast websites, players or devices. There are several screenshots below showing what the same episode looks like within each instance, the platform or app name is listed in RED for each. Episode images must be at...

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