Mic or headphones aren’t working

Check out this how-to video from Zoom. It will walk you through the whole process. Feel free to send this to your guests before their interview if you think they might need assistance.

My guest can’t get into the meeting

If your guest has tried multiple times but can’t get into a meeting and you know you’ve given them the correct Zoom meeting url, simply end your meeting and start a new meeting with a different meeting ID. The meeting ID is the number in your zoom link (ie. ‘1234567890’ in the following link – https://zoom.us/j/1234567890) You can change the meeting ID by doing the following:

How to give my guest the meeting ID if I’ve already started the meeting

You can copy & paste the meeting ID directly from the Zoom program. Click ‘Invite’ at the bottom of the meeting window then click ‘copy url’ and paste into an email to your guest.

How to record on two separate tracks

In podcasting, having each speaker on a separate audio track is ideal in order to provide you with the best audio quality in the finished episodes. For a video on how to record on two separate tracks, click here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16P0q06hoTVYoK6UZvZt4_okgHwSomMHX/view?usp=sharing

What should my Zoom Settings look like? View video how-to

Where is my recording located? View video how-to

How do I schedule a future meeting (this is unnecessary if Zoom is already integrated with your Acuity Scheduling account). View video how-to

How do I create an instant meeting? View video how-to