This is a common question among our clients and some have gone to great lengths to write out all the edits they want made to their episodes. This is not necessary. Each of our editors go through dozens of episodes each week and have a great ear for what sounds good. Our goal is to make you and your guests sound as professional as possible without sounding unnatural.

What is included in our typical editing:

  • Removal of pauses, coughs, ums, ahs, misspeaking, false starts, etc.

What is not included in our typical editing:

  • “Content editing” – cutting out certain pieces that are inaccurate, off topic or that you would otherwise want to be cut out for any reason that’s not technical. We will not be able to distinguish these moments as we will not know your field and terminology like you do. If you have content edits, please let your editor know upon uploading your files.

  • Cutting out every breath as you and your guest speak. This will make your episode sound completely unnatural and will unnecessarily increase your editing process by many times.