What is the process for launching the show?

Launching is a complex process with a LOT of moving pieces. Check out this page for an explanation of all the parts and what your responsibilities are as the host.

How long does it take to launch my show?

Once we receive all elements required to launch we will set up your show, publish a single episode and submit to the 4 major podcast platforms (iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify).

What does validating a feed mean?

Once your show has been configured with your host and your first episode has been published your feed can be validated using a feed validation site like https://castfeedvalidator.com/. If your feed is validated it simply means that all the necessary pieces are in place and your show is configured correctly (ie. your show art is the correct size, you have an author name and description, and many other settings). If your feed can’t be validated your configuration will need to be checked and corrected with your hosting service and resubmitted for validation.

Why am I not on iTunes yet?

In order to get on iTunes several things must happen. Your show must be set up with your host (this is not simply purchasing hosting but includes configuring show title, show logo, categories, show author, description, etc.). Then at least one episode must be published on your

Once your feed is validated it can be submitted to iTunes and other platforms. These platforms, especially iTunes and Google Play can take up to 5-7 business days to get approved once they are submitted.

When you say submit the show to the 4 major platforms, what does that mean?

Once you are ready to begin the launch countdown we will submit your show to . To get on the 4 major platforms you must submit your validated podcast feed to each of the 4 platforms.

Why do I need to launch with multiple episodes?

Launching with multiple episodes, we suggest 3, serves many purposes. It allows potential listeners to get a good idea of if your show is a fit for them which can be hard to figure out if you launch with just a welcome episode. It will also let listeners know that you are a serious podcaster and that you plan to stick around for a while. Lastly, more episodes at launch means more possible downloads early on which will hopefully lead to placing higher in search results on the various podcast platforms.