Did you know that 28% of Americans listen to podcasts weekly? There has been significant growth in the number of people that listen to podcasts over the past 5 years. Because podcasts are becoming so popular, now is the perfect time to start one. 

Podcasts give you a platform to grow your brand, build your audience, and earn an income. What do you need to start a podcast? Keep reading to learn how you can create a podcast. 

Plan Your Podcast 

The first step to creating a podcast is to make a plan. You need to decide what your podcast is going to be about, who the target audience is, and what you are going to name your podcast.

These are the fundamentals of your podcast. If you don’t have a solid idea of your fundamentals, you will have a hard time growing your podcast. 

Once you have the basics down, you need to decide how long your podcast episodes will be, how often you will publish, and how you will market your podcast. There is a lot of planning that goes into making a podcast, but podcast consulting companies can help.

Choose Music and Art

Once you have a plan for your podcast, it is time to start making the art to go along with it! The cover art is the first impression people will get of your podcast. Be sure to make it appealing to your target audience. 

In addition to creating cover art, you also need to decide on podcast music and your podcast intro. The music you choose will help set the vibe for your podcast. 

Record the First Episode 

Once you have all the podcast foundations ready, it is time to record your first episode. Recording your first episode may seem intimidating if you are new to podcasting. To make it easier, pretend like you are talking to one person. 

Another good option for your first podcast is an interview. Prepare questions in advance and focus on creating a conversation through those questions. 

Edit Your Podcast

The next step in the podcast creation process is to edit the podcast. While some editing software costs money, you can create a podcast for free by using free software. 

When editing your podcast, use different effects to smooth out the sound of your voice. Also, try to cut out any awkward moments or long pauses. 

Publish Your Podcast

Once you have edited your podcast, it is time to publish! To publish your podcast, you will need to choose a podcast host.

Podcasts host help you store and share your podcast. Most podcasts hosts charge a small monthly fee, but you can find some that are free. 

Are You Ready to Create a Podcast?

Starting a podcast is a great way to grow your brand and audience. If you want to create a podcast, start by making a plan, decide on music and art, record your first episode, edit the episode, and publish your podcast. 

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