Did you know that 45% of people watch videos on Facebook or YouTube for over an hour each week? This type of content is highly popular, and you can make your marketing videos stand out from the crowd even more by using slow motion effects. 

But how can you make a slow motion video that can help raise your business’s brand awareness? With such a high level of competition in the market, you’ll need to create a stunning clip that can grab and hold the attention of your audience. 

The good news is that this is possible even if you are new to making slow motion videos.

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Pick a User-Friendly App

It’s vital to use an intuitive slow motion video maker that allows you to easily adjust the speed of your clip. This will allow you to spend more time editing your video rather than trying to find the right slow motion buttons to achieve your desired results. 

Before choosing an app to slow down the video content, it’s also a good idea to see if there are free options available to help you keep costs low. 

2. Define Your Video Messaging

A slow motion brand awareness video needs to have a strong message to prevent viewers from becoming bored and clicking on a different link. Choose your best content and ensure it conveys your company’s message in the shortest amount of time possible. 

You can also add text to your slow motion video if your images would leave consumers in any doubt about your core message. 

3. Use Different Video Speeds

When you add a slow motion effect it can have a dramatic impact on your video, but there’s no need to only use one slow-mo speed. For example, you could decelerate the speed further when the camera shot focuses on your brand name.

This can be a great way to emphasize crucial aspects of your clips. 

4. Consider Adding Music

Playing music over the top of your slow motion video can bring an added sense of emotion to your scenes. You could use a lively soundtrack to bring a fun tone to your clip, or a deeper song to add a sense of gravitas. 

It can also have a powerful impact when you leave some videos in silence, and you can decide which option is most suitable depending on your type of slow motion video. 

5. Ask for Honest Feedback

You may think your slow motion video is perfect, but getting someone to give you an honest and objective opinion can help you see aspects you may have missed.

You can then make any required improvements to get optimal results when you post your video. 

Boost Your Company’s Brand Awareness With a Slow Motion Video

Creating a slow motion video can be an excellent way to keep your brand name in the minds of your target audience. It can be helpful to spend some time picking an app that is straightforward to use, and to ensure that your brand messaging is crystal clear.

You should also experiment with various slow motion speeds and get a second opinion before posting your video online. 

When made correctly, a slow motion video can be a brilliant asset in your marketing toolbox.

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