You may have noticed the phenomenon of unboxing in recent years. If you look on YouTube, you’ll find endless videos of people unboxing packages, and they have millions of views. While the average person might not be so obsessive about unboxing, the unboxing process is undoubtedly playing a bigger part in how we evaluate the customer experience. 

When we’ve spent good money to buy a product, it’s natural that we want to see it arrive in good condition, but many people are looking for more. This presents businesses with a previously untapped opportunity to add value to their customers’ experience by going the extra step with their packaging. 


Your packaging offers an opportunity to push your brand. Think about how Amazon has made the branding of their boxes a fundamental part of their advertising campaigns. People see the “smiley face” on their box and are excited that their Amazon package has arrived. 

Packaging is just another opportunity to get your brand out there and remind people who you are. The unboxing experience is real, and you want people to associate the excitement of opening a package with your brand. 

Creating Connections 

You put a lot of resources into turning someone into a customer, so you want to make the most of every point of contact you have with them. You can send them emails, and hope they read them, but one item they’re extremely likely to read is the packing slip.

This is an excellent opportunity to build a connection with the customers and will encourage them to do business with you again. The right packing slip template is a great way to communicate with the customer and make the most of this touchpoint. 


One of the negatives about buying products online is the fact you have to wait to receive them. When people buy something, they want to receive it as soon as possible, and customer expectations are very high when it comes to fulfillment. The wrong packaging can cause big problems when it comes to logistics, causing items to be lost, delayed, and damaged. Whether it’s your fault or not, issues with your deliveries are going to negatively impact the customer experience. 

You want your packaging to make fulfillment as easy as possible. Eliminate as many problems that could lead to fulfillment issues as possible and give your goods the best chance of arriving on time and in good condition. 

Small Details Make Big Differences 

The packaging of your products and things like packing slips might seem like small details, but they can make a huge difference. The competition in e-commerce is fierce, and your competitors are continually finding ways to outperform you. If you’re not taking advantage of the possibilities that the box opening phenomenon offers, then there will be other companies who are. 

You’ve got an ideal opportunity to promote your brand, build strong relationships with your customers, and improve the customer experience, so make sure you’re taking it!