Christmas is always a time for celebration and reflection, looking back on the year that has just passed and excitement for what the coming year will bring. Before your employees leave the office for the Christmas holidays, schedule in some celebrations and show your gratitude for their hard work, dedication and loyalty throughout the year. 

Throw a Christmas party

Who doesn’t love a Christmas party? It provides a chance to unwind and an excuse to dress up and celebrate the festive season with your coworkers. Organizing a memorable office bash will keep members of staff motivated at a time of year when distractions are everywhere and motivation is seriously lacking. Set a date for all end of year projects to be completed and work tools to be put down; a goal that they can aim for is a great way to maintain productivity. 

Make employees feel like a real part of the team by asking for ideas and theme suggestions, it shows that you’re really thinking of them as they’re the reason your business stays successful. Find out what type of party the majority of the office would like to partake in, it could be a black-tie event with dinner and dancing or a more casual quiz and karaoke night

Hold an awards ceremony

Public acknowledgement and vocalizing your appreciation is the best way to make staff members feel valued, if you don’t make them feel valued they may not stick around for another year and replacing loyal staff members can be time consuming and costly. 

Hold an office awards ceremony at the end of every year to highlight individuals strengths and successes around the workplace. It doesn’t always have to be related to work, it could be the best person to go to for advice or the employee with the best sense of humor. Hand out an acrylic trophy that has a customized engraving of the staff member’s name to make them feel special. Shining a light on what they bring to the team will boost their morale and motivation in the following year. 

Give them an end of year bonus

One action your employees will really appreciate and value is an end of year bonus, during the most expensive time of year. Include a cheque in their Christmas card for them to open on the day, it will be unexpected and delighting, reminding them that they’re not forgotten about no matter where they stand in the office hierarchy.

Providing staff members with a gift that they can spend on whatever they choose will be hugely popular and can go along way. Some employees may decide to treat themselves for all their hard work over the last twelve months whereas others will feel more satisfied having a little extra pocket money for family Christmas presents and food.

Whichever way you decide to acknowledge your staff, don’t let the time pass without praising their efforts. It creates a more positive atmosphere in the workplace and employees will no doubt stay loyal to you for longer.