Podcasts are the new radio. They are perfectly suited for today’s world, a world where consumers expect their media on-demand and want to enjoy it at their leisure. The following themes are perfect for any podcast looking to do a medical-themed show. There is no end of interesting topics to talk about, but we think these are guaranteed to draw audiences in.

The Gory and Gruesome History of Medicine

If there is one thing that consistently sells, it’s blood and guts. No one likes the thought of going into surgery, but many of us are absolutely fascinated by the most gory and gruesome details from medical history. This isn’t just about being shocking or a little bit disgusting – the (literal) gore and grime of medicine has always been an indication of the state of our understanding and capabilities.

Examining the most barbaric and wince-inducing medical procedures throughout history is about more than just voyeurism. There is also a philosophical discussion to be had about whether a treatment can be worse than a sickness and where, in the modern world, this line lies.

Patients’ Rights Then and Now

The UK is very lucky to be served by a nationalised health service that provides free access to healthcare for every citizen. Not every country is so lucky, and patients in some nations have far fewer rights and protections than those in the UK. In fact, even the NHS has changed quite a lot since its inception following World War 2, as has the experience of patients.

Patient rights are an important issue, one that most of us only know a small amount about. As well as discussing the rights of UK patients and how they compare to other nations, you could also point them towards businesses like www.the-medical-negligence-experts.co.uk who can help those who think they might have a claim for negligence.

What are the Future Threats We Face?

From pandemics to hypothetical zombie outbreaks, many people have a sort of morbid curiosity about potential medical calamities that could befall human civilisation. The question of how we can plan for and mitigate some of these threats is an interesting and worthwhile one – perfect fodder for any podcast.

Everyday Health – Breaking Through the Bluff and Bluster

In the modern world, we are all having health advice thrown at us from all angles. But lots of people don’t realise how deep this advice goes, or the very real impact it has on lives. Consider the groups who have been harassing new mothers, still in hospital after giving birth, and encouraging them to sign up for largely needless services – apparently with the consent of the NHS.

This is a great springboard for an important discussion about how private corporations prey on our health fears, and whether those same private interests are influencing public health policy.

The more the public knows and thinks about their health, the better. Medical professionals are always looking for ways to encourage this process, but it can be difficult. We think that the above topics are all excellent starting points for important discussions about modern medicine in Britain.