A podcast is an audio file that can be shared over the internet via portable devices or computers. More and more businesses are creating podcasts as a means of communicating with their customers including announcing new product launches and general information about their industry. But could a home inspection business make a podcast work in their marketing strategy? Of course, it could. The real estate market is a hugely popular topic with a large part of the population, and the insights a home inspection professional can offer are invaluable. Still not convinced it’s the right move for you? Here are some of the biggest reasons why starting a podcast could benefit your home inspection business. 

Establishing authority 

A podcast gives you a platform from which you can show your experience, knowledge and expertise in the home inspection industry. Unlike the written word, an audio file enables you to convey your enthusiasm and your wealth of knowledge about the real estate industry. The more regularly you release episodes on different subjects with a high level of detail and unique insight, the more likely you are to establish yourself as an authority. Homebuyers are looking for an inspector they can trust to do a thorough inspection of their prospective property investment.

Lead generation

While it’s well known that podcasts are great tools when building your brand and establishing your expertise in the home inspection industry, there’s a general misconception that they don’t translate into money. That’s simply not true, however, as there are several ways to use your podcast to generate leads. The trick is to know how to craft your content to encourage listeners to engage with your brand and take action in some way. 

By creating content which addresses common problems and concerns for homebuyers, you will appeal to a wider market. Then you need to include calls-to-action at the beginning, end and throughout the episode, such as telling them about a helpful PDF download on your website, which includes more information or inviting them to complete an inquiry form or to email you directly with any questions. Some podcasts will use a text message opt-in service, so listeners only have to text a simple word like ‘yes’ to take a specific action. If you have home inspection tools software, you can add prospective customers to your system and begin nurturing the relationship through automated emails. 

If you are using ad retargeting such as Google ads, you will also be able to promote the podcast to people who have visited your website and even show them a particular episode relevant to the content they viewed on the site. All of this comes together to create an audience who is interested in your advice and more likely to come to you or recommend you when a home inspector is required. 

Connecting with your audience 

When people can hear your voice, they get a stronger sense of personality and are more likely to connect with you than they would be if they read a blog or an article. Over time, listeners will become more familiar with your style of presentation and will feel a sense of trust, like you’re old friends. The familiarity will keep you in their minds when they are not even listening to the podcast. You can also reach new customers and communicate your values and priorities in business. 

Because the podcast can be listened to wherever someone has a speaker or headphones and an internet connection, they may be listening when they are on their daily commute, walking the dog, gardening, or even before bed. This flexibility makes the podcast a much more personal medium, and what’s more personal than buying a house?

Building awareness of your brand 

Through consistency and familiarity, you can build your brand and help it become a household name in your area, or even beyond. You can include specific information about your background, services, current projects and current industry news to engage with people and ensure that they know what you can offer them. 

Podcasts are simple to make

One of the biggest advantages of podcasts is that they are very easy to produce. You only need a computer with a microphone and a software program that will edit your audio when you’ve finished. It can then be released, and you can promote the podcast through the usual low-cost digital marketing channels. Give yourself a unique angle, research the topics which are of most interest to your target market and get podcasting.