Balers are used by a wide variety of corporations and organizations in an effort to manage waste in the most effective manner possible. Balers are the waste disposal system of choice by many companies who produce a lot of recyclable waste –  including paper, plastic, and cans. Balers are an elegant solution because they save employees time and effort in regards to recycling high volumes of waste, by making small, compressed ‘bales’ of waste that are easy to transport from the company to the processing premises. Some companies benefit from balers more than others, and you’ll find out whether your company could benefit from these machines below.

Newspaper and Magazine Printers

Every office generates a large quantity of waste paper, which should be recycled efficiently. Magazine and newspaper practitioners, however, generate much more paper waste than other organizations due to the nature of their production. 

From trial runs to printing errors, there are many occasions where newspaper and magazine companies have to throw away large quantities of paper. It would be extremely time-consuming to manually compress a large quantity of paper recycling – so it’s not uncommon for these companies to install a baler to help them out. 


Due to a large amount of products sold in superstores, balers are essential to help managers keep on top of the waste produced there. Nearly every product arrives in cardboard and plastic packaging that can be compressed easily by employees with a baler. Balers are also cost-effective because they reduce your recycled waste into a cube that is only a fraction of the size it was before compression – saving your company on expensive waste removal fees. Many companies simply buy their balers online: websites such as offer a full and well-priced selection of balers for every industry. 


Similar to superstores, restaurants receive a lot of their deliveries in cardboard containers. Processing these can be extremely time-consuming for waiters and managers who are extremely busy during their shifts. One excellent solution is a vertical baler – this a small baler that will not take up much space in the stock room or kitchen. Balers are increasingly popular in restaurants due to the fast pace of the industry. Here are the two main types of baler:

  • Vertical baler – this baler is ideal for companies that have limited space on their premises, as it is usually smaller than a horizontal baler and able to compact at speed.

  • Horizontal baler – a horizontal baler is often purchased by a company that process a large quantity of recyclable material every day, leaving larger ‘bales’ once the waste is ejected.

It’s worthwhile to carry out an audit to decide on whether your company needs a baler. If you decide that it is a necessary investment, then you will need to choose between models online, with expert assistance provided to help you decide. 


The hotel industry is worth billions of dollars and employees spend hundreds of hours cleaning the mess left by international guests. The majority of hotels have now brought in balers to save employees time and energy – allowing them to serve customers to a higher standard. From plastic to cardboard, balers are essential for processing hotel waste quickly and without hassle. 

Balers can be extremely useful for any type of company, not just the ones listed above. If your company produces a large amount of recyclable waste, it could be something to consider.