When you’re setting out to create or improve upon your business, you’ll be certain to scour the web intermittently for advice as to how to improve your business outputs, how to manage your staff, and how to maximize your profits. In fact, you’ll find there’s so much content out there that is tailored to you, that you’re a little overwhelmed by the sheer volume of advice that is strafed in your direction as an entrepreneur. This article operates a little differently – by telling you which pieces of business advice you should avoid in order to ensure your company’s health and longevity into a healthy and profitable future.

Continually Invest and Grow

There’s a certain consensus on the idea that your business should always reinvest its profits in order to grow and engage further shares of the market. To avoid doing this, you’re told, means to lose your competitive edge and to be marginalized in favor of larger or better companies. 

This advice is misleading and, in some cases, just plain dangerous. Having cash in reserve is incredibly important should you experience cash-flow issues. Meanwhile, you may not be equipped to deal with an increase in capacity if you do invest in more staff, salaries, or products. Be calm, take your time, and ensure that each scale-up has come with its own plan.

A Website is Incredibly Important

This one’s a little bit of a red herring. For how long have you known that the internet is the primary arena in which shoppers transact, and the best arena to market your products? For a long time. What you’re not told, in these pieces of advice, is how to make your website special, so that it gives you that competitive edge mentioned earlier.

This you’ll find only through engagement with specialists who’re well-equipped to show you how to curate a winning website in the modern business era. Look to professionals such as those at www.digivante.com for advice on how to use the tricks of the trade and testing to make your website one that converts visitors into customers and traces that data in order to make continual improvements to your website. Yes, your website is special – but it’s never a finished product: it always requires work and investment.

Staff are Immaterial

You’ll hear many platitudes about the value of your staff on the internet, but you may hear more advice about the fact that automation looks set to relinquish your need to pay a high wage bill. Software and automation, they say, will replace most jobs in the coming years. You should know that this simply is not true.

Instead, you need to see the value of your staff in a world that is indeed increasingly turning towards innovative automation. For instance, automated messaging services may technically save your company some cash, but they also alienate customers who might otherwise be happy to trade with you again. Other automated processes can leave you out of some key decision-making tasks. Staff are incredibly important human, analytical elements to your business – and should be valued as such.

These tips to avoid are important for those who are looking to improve and stabilize their business in 2019 and beyond.