Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula

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My name is Doug Sandler, and I am co-founder of Turnkey Podcast Productions. I also host several shows, including The Nice Guys on Business Podcast. The Nice Guys is our production company’s anchor show. The show has provided fertile ground to build influence, grow community and make money (more on that stuff in the formula). The Nice Guys on Business Podcast started in February of 2015. We’ve created and produced over 1000 episodes, been downloaded in over 175 countries and we have over 3 million downloads. We’ve gotten a lot of battle scars through the course of the last five years and learned many lessons along the way. The lessons we’ve learned have helped us create The Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula.

I’ve created this short document as an introduction to our launch formula and to give you an overview of the template you are going to create in the launch phase of your podcast journey or if you have an existing podcast, see how your show compares to the formula we have successfully used to launch over 100 podcasts. As you begin to put your show together or look to compare your current podcast to this formula, your first steps include the creation of your show’s “template.” (continued reading by providing your info below)