Panelists include:

Doug Sandler and Strickland Bonner

Jeff Gibbard  (Podcast host, network expert)

Tom Schwab (Guest Placement expert)

Todd Armstrong (Guest Placement expert)

Andrew Allemann (Guest Placement expert)


Reach out to our guests directly for more information or if you have a podcast and need guests Tom, Todd and Andrew are amazing at what they do.

Topics for today’s episode:

For those looking to GUEST more frequently and effectively

  • What type of show they should think about being on
  • How to pitch a show
  • How to show up prepared
  • What happens after the interview
  • What type of expectations they should have

For those looking to host more profitably and produce greater results

  • Best way to spotlight a guest
  • How to set up a great interview
  • How to determine who is a good fit for their guest seat
  • What are some best practices before, during and after the interview.
  • How to find and land an influencer for their podcast


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