Paul Lawrence Vann is the Founder and President of The Wealth Building Academy a professional development company based in Washington DC. After serving 20 years in The United States Air Force he retired in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel having served 12 consecutive years in the Pentagon and a year as a Capital Hill Fellow working for a member of Congress and the US House of Representatives. Pauls’s expertise is in finances he is a certified financial coach and a total money guy. Paul launched The Wealth Academy Podcast where wealth is about more than just money and where he provides listeners with content-rich financial coaching and mind over money mindset expertise to assist listeners in becoming debt-free, generating wealth, and creating legacy wealth. 

Doug and Paul Discuss: 

  • Developing an abundance mindset to establish a relationship with money. 
  • Being an active listener, paying attention, and observing. 
  • Success with Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula. 
  • Nothing is going to be perfect, jump in you’ll learn as you do the work.            


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