Scott Sambucci is a startup coach, speaker, podcaster, and international best-selling author. He spent 25 years building sales processes and creating technology products as an executive at two publicly-traded companies. As Chief Sales Geek at SalesQualia, Sambucci works with SaaS startups and tech companies all over the globe across several industries. He is the author of three books, 52 Sales Questions Answered;  Startup Selling: How to Sell if you Really, Really Have to and Don’t Know How and his current release Stop Hustling, Start Scaling.  



Doug, JJ, and Steve Discuss:


  • Getting started, monetization, and production of podcasts.
  • Examining value instead of cost.
  • Coaching, marketing, funnels, and sales.
  • Building rapport and relationships by focusing on solving a problem instead of “selling.” 


Price is only an issue in the absence of value.” -Scott Sambucci


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