In this episode Doug and Emerald Greenforest discuss:   

  • The importance of making a connection with publicists to get the right guests
  • How to turn these relationships into sponsorship opportunities
  • The different packages you can offer publicists to promote their authors and how you can use commercials inside your episode


Key Takeaways:   

  • When starting out, the best kind of guest is an author who writes on a topic that is relevant to and benefits your audience
  • Make sure the package you offer is desirable to the publicists
  • Create a position where you have a VIP spot for guests to come on your show    


 ”Some of these people that are coming onto the show, they actually have really deep pockets, deeper pockets than you might imagine.” – Emerald Greenforest 


Connect with Emerald Greenforest:  


Podcast: Men on Purpose

Twitter: @awyldfyre

LinkedIn: Emerald Greenforest


Connect with Doug Sandler:     

Twitter: djdoug    

Facebook: dj.doug.sandler    



Phone: (410) 340-6861   

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