In this episode Doug and Strick discuss:  

  • Levels of measurement for being successful 
  • Sponsorships and advertisements 
  • The benefits of batch recording episodes 


Key Takeaways:  

  • Be efficient with your time and energy 
  • Adding a question on the scheduling questionnaire to ask if they want to sponsor the episode  
  • You create the rules, it is your show 
  • Don’t let your downloads be your guide for success 


 ”Never be too early and never be too afraid to ask people if they want to sponsor an episode.” — Doug Sandler 


Connect with Doug Sandler:    

Twitter: djdoug   

Facebook: dj.doug.sandler   



Phone: (410) 340-6861  

Instagram: turnkeypodcast/ 

LinkedIn: doug-sandler-1a346649/ 



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