Many business owners like the idea of having a podcast or may feel that they have to, to stay current but then have no idea what kind of content should be covered. A business podcast can be a great opportunity to promote your business, humanize the brand and showcase your expertise, but it needs to be engaging for it to be successful. So, what kind of topics should you be covering in a business podcast? A few topic ideas to get the ball rolling should help your podcast attract listeners and bring a range of benefits to your business.

CEO Interview

A strong place to start it with a CEO interview. People often are intrigued by CEOs and want to know more about them, and it is a good opportunity for the person at the top to share their vision and passion while painting the company in a positive light. This can also help to humanize the brand and provide the opportunity to communicate the business’s core values and how they differ from the competition.

Client Discussion

A client discussion is also a smart choice for a topic – just be sure to choose one that will sing your praises! Essentially, this acts as a comprehensive review and could be a highly effective podcast for winning over new clients. It gives the chance to discuss why they chose your business over the competition, what it is like working with your company and what results were delivered.

Staff Training & Development

You should also discuss what steps you are taking to improve the workforce and nurture staff. These days, people want to know that a business looks after its employees and helps them progress. You can discuss the use of learning management systems like and how it can provide user-led educational experiences that can empower staff, elevate performance and create a culture of opportunity. 

Industry News

You want to position your business as an industry and thought leader, which is why you should address any important industry news, challenges, and trends. This also encourages your target market to listen to your podcast, which will keep people coming back and could even help to create a community if you enable comments and participate in discussions.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions

You should also encourage people to send in any questions that they have and then answer these. This could help you to attract new customers, improve your reputation and add some personality to your podcasts, particularly if you can use some light humor at the right times.

Staff Discussions

You can also have discussions with staff as a way to show people what life is like at the business and to humanize the brand. This can also be a good way to help staff to feel important and valued within the organization.

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for topics to cover in your business podcast that will engage listeners and boost your company.