Starting a trucking podcast is a smart business move for any trucking business or truck driver. This is an industry that has seen growth during COVID-19, with people buying more than ever online and requiring reliable truck drivers, so there are a lot of new truck drivers out there looking for advice and to feel a part of the community. Starting a podcast will allow you to share your expertise, promote your own business and increase brand awareness. Starting a podcast can also be good fun too! So, what are a few topics of conversation that would work well for a trucking podcast?

Lifestyle Tips

One of the hardest aspects of trucking that new truck drivers find is the lifestyle. This is a role that is vastly different from a typical office job, so many truck drivers struggle when it comes to managing a healthy work-life balance and leading a healthy lifestyle when they are not working. Sharing your own experiences and offering advice for how truck drivers can lead a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle is sure to hook listeners and prove to be popular content.

Stories From The Road

Every truck driver has hundreds of funny, bizarre, and scary tales from the road, and a podcast is a perfect platform to share these. You could even have people call or Tweet in their own stories to share, which could be a great way to get people involved and to build up a community for your podcast.

How To Find Work

Many truck drivers struggle initially to find work as they do not have experience or a reputation for finding ongoing work. As a truck driver with more experience, you could offer advice on how to find work and state how you are always getting new jobs posted on a load board, which is an easy way for a truck driver to browse and secure available jobs. This will certainly catch the attention of new truck drivers as you will be helping them to improve their business.

Driving Tips

Driving tips will be another topic that is sure to be popular with new and experienced truck drivers. When your entire livelihood depends on your ability to be a capable and confident truck driver, you will always be on the lookout for tips that could help you to improve your own performance, and again this is an area where you could get people to call in with their own advice and tips.


Finally, tech is a great topic for a trucking podcast because there are so many types of technology that are becoming prevalent in the trucking industry, and it is important that truck drivers stay familiar with the latest tech. This will include things like electric and autonomous trucks, big data, tracking software, and GPS systems. 

These are just a few ideas for topics for your trucking podcast that could improve your own trucking business while allowing you to build a community and engage with other truckers.