Marketing your business can often feel like an overwhelming task and one which you need to stay on top of constantly. However, business marketing can be an extremely rewarding and fun experience if you’re looking for creative ways to engage your consumers and market your product. If done right, some of the best marketing avenues won’t even feel like work when you form connections, have great ideas for content, and look forward to creating your next piece. 

The below marketing ideas are key examples of avenues both you and your consumers will enjoy exploring, and the more fun your target market see you having, the more enjoyable an experience it will be for them, too. 


Blogs are one of the key foundations for business marketing and are a must for your content. Most consumers visiting a business website will expect a blog or news section in some form, even if it’s only a few posts. Blogs are great ways to fully explore a written topic, write in an engaging and creative way, and explore many different ideas through the written word. 

Not only are blogs for businesses important for providing interesting content, but they’re also essential tools for SEO. Blogs allow you to implement keywords and key phrases to help your content be more likely found online. Consistently producing high-quality blogs, too, will help search engines to recognize your pages as more authentic and dependable. 

Your blog section should always relate to your business as a starting point, but you can begin to explore other topics relevant to your business, too, or even accept interesting guest posts. 

YouTube Channel

YouTube channels can be synonymous with social media influencers who provide regular content, usually with their face at the forefront of every video. Nonetheless, for businesses, having a YouTube channel is a great way to share and explore video content. You can use your YouTube channel to more easily place official links and tags on other online content, too, to improve your click rates. 

For instance, you can include a link to a relevant YouTube video in a social media post you make. 

For a YouTube business channel, it’s important to think about the type of content and videos which can best suit your business. If you can provide a variety of applicable content, such as product demonstrations, company tours, or maybe even more casual behind-the-scenes videos for your business, you can begin to build followers on YouTube and gain more credibility. 

Other Video Content

Of course, you can still produce engaging video content without committing yourself to a YouTube channel. Sharing video content on other platforms, like social media posting or embedding it in your website, is a must for any business wanting to reach out and form better connections with viewers. Not sure whether this is worth pursuing? You can view these numbers to find out more about the statistics for video content, SEO marketing, and more and see just why this should be an avenue you explore. 


Podcasts are another example of how the world (and consumers) are developing in how they interact with content. Podcasts are extremely popular for the ease in which consumers can listen on the go, such as during a commute, during a drive, or even just relaxing at home. Podcasts are exceptional for content-providing because listeners can tailor the channels and podcasts they want to listen to based on their interests and what they want to learn. 

Therefore, in the realm of business, podcasts are valuable tools. You can create a highly interesting podcast based on your line of work or your product so that consumers who are interested in what you do can stay up to date with engaging episodes. 

Live Streaming

Successful marketing is a lot about providing content in the right place, at the right time. You need to understand the behavior of your consumer to know when they’re most active online and when you’re most likely to be found by them. 

Live streaming is a great way to connect with your consumers in the here and now by grabbing and keeping their attention. It also gives consumers something exciting to interact with and build that excitement by scheduling in live streams and advertising that you’ll be going live at a certain time. 

Live streaming is the perfect opportunity for a little Q&A with your consumers. Invite them to join in the live stream and ask you any questions which you can answer there and then. Discuss anything you need to discuss while you have their attention. 

Live streaming is also beneficial because you can keep track of how many people you have watching your live stream and interacting with it. It’s also a fun way for consumers to see the face behind the business and interact with you as a human being. 

Social Media

This is one primary marketing avenue you should definitely be exploring. That’s because a lot of the other items mentioned on this list can work in a complementary way with social media, with social media platforms providing the foundation. 

You can post video content onto social media, place a link back to your blog on social media, or promote your YouTube channel through social media posts. You can live stream through social media and talk to your consumers through different platforms. 

It’s also one of the best ways you’re going to connect with consumers who are active online in real-time. 

Social media is furthermore extremely helpful for marketing research, too, as you can see what your consumers are liking, re-posting, following, and interacting with the most, as well as seeing the times of the day they’re most active. 

Final Thoughts: How Many Avenues are You Yet to Explore?

You can never have too many marketing avenues, as long as you’re utilizing them in the right way and that they’re applicable to your target market. Trying to branch out your marketing efforts will help you stay up to date with trends and also stay relevant in a changing world that is relying more on all varieties of online content.