Podcasts are often either a passion project or a secondary source of income to those that create them, and this means that any disruption to your podcast’s data security can be devastating to owners. From online leaks to data breaches, it is important that podcast creators are able to find effective ways to maintain the security of the podcast that they are passionate about. To find out more, read on for some of the most important information connected to podcast security threats. 

What steps should you take to keep your podcast secure?

Rather than create and store your podcast on a localized device, you should consider hosting your podcast on a decentralized system, such as the Cloud. The Cloud has a number of successful security benefits due to aspects such as its heavy encryption, which scrambles your podcast and enables it to remain unreadable to anyone who accesses it. Not only this, but you can add additional security features to the Cloud, such as a firewall, to ensure that it remains inaccessible, even if a data breach does occur. To get the most out of your cloud security, you should consider cloud providers such as Bytes, which combine cloud security services with a Microsoft partnership in which you can resell cloud solutions. You can also find out more about cybersecurity by listening to some of the top security podcasts online.

What threats are there to your podcast? 

Data breaches can happen to any media company, but these can hit small businesses the hardest, and can affect the work that you have put into creating the best podcast possible. Online leaks are one of the most heart-breaking data breaches for creators, as this can lead to a loss of traffic on your podcast and even a decrease in revenue if you make an income from your episodes. Although most film and streaming companies have also had to combat the effects of online leaks previous to the release of a show or movie, it is important that you find ways to prevent your podcast from appearing on sites and channels which you do not have control over. 

Why is data security important?

Data security is vital to podcast creators and a large part of this, as with any business looking at their data security systems, is that a breach in data security can lead to a loss of financial revenue. Although with podcasts, this will not be in the form of stolen bank details or fraudulence, a loss of data protection can lead to episodes being stolen or streamed online in a different location than your website. This can lead to another party gaining the benefits of your podcast, such as traffic to their website, and revenue from advertising campaigns that you rely on as a form of secondary income. 

However, for podcasters and hobbyists, breaches in data security are not only impactful due to financial loss, but also in terms of the emotional value and the time that you have invested into each of your episodes. If they are streamed without your consent, this can be heart-breaking for those who have put time, effort and enthusiasm into a well-thought-out episode. Not only this, but this will mean that you will not be able to deliver to your audience’s expectations, which can leave you feeling as if you have let your followers down.