The Hidden Benefits of Starting a Podcast for Your Business

Help Your Business Thrive With Your Very Own Show

Are you looking to grow your business while also having fun? Podcasting is a great way to help your business thrive while creating meaningful content that you are passionate about. Best of all, podcasts are more popular with listeners than ever before; a 2017 Nielsen survey found that 50% of all American homes are podcast fans — and we can only imagine that that number has gone up in the years since! With podcasting on the rise and no end in sight, there’s never been a better time to start a show for your business.

Image of two female entrepreneurs recording a podcast in their living room

It’s Easy to Get Started

Starting a podcast doesn’t have to be completed. Simply decide on a topic, invest in some quality equipment, make a plan for your first episode, find a quiet place to record, and get started! You’ll also want to make sure that your podcast is connected to Apply, Spotify, Amazon, and other top platforms. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t be! When you partner with Turnkey Podcast Productions for your podcast production and editing services, you get access to our Ultimate Podcast Launch Formula, featuring seven comprehensive modules packed with resources, step-by-step instructions, winning strategies, and everything you need to get your show launched fast.

Build a Personal Connection

Traditional marketing is a wonderful tool, but it can only go so far in building connections with your customers or clients. Podcasting allows you to truly connect with your patrons, through features like listener Q & As, live streaming, Facebook groups, ticketed recordings, and more. Ask your listeners what they’re interested in learning more about, and plan your episodes accordingly. Most importantly of all, be yourself! Podcast listeners can detect inauthenticity, so the best way to get people to like you and your brand is to simply stay true to your message, self, and values.

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Increase Site Traffic

Like any form of digital content, podcasting is a great way to generate traffic to your business’s site. As long as you’re consistent and continue to provide quality content, subscriptions to your podcast will grow, resulting in more referrals, more lead generation, and, ultimately, more conversions.

Improve Conversions

Online conversions can come in many forms, such as sales, leads, email sign-ups, form completions, and more, but one thing that they all have in common is that they lead to more profit for you and your business. Podcasting is a great way to optimize your site’s conversion rate (the percentage of visitors that lead to conversions), through calls to action, giveaways, product or service highlights, and other strategies.

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Starting a podcast for your business is easy with the help of the podcasting pros at Turnkey Podcast Productions. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our services.