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Roundtable discussion with Doug Sandler and JJ Flizanes


In this RoundTable episode (RT), Michael is joined by podcast pros, Doug Sandler and JJ Flizanes, as they breakdown some of the bullshit stories you constantly encounter in the podcasting world.

Today they bust these 5 myths:

  1. You have to sell advertising to make money
  2. Apple Podcasts is a hosting platform
  3. Downloads equate to dollars
  4. You know your subscriber numbers
  5. Podcasting can make you rich quick

It was tough even writing these un-truths down with proper wording. Listen to the episode to get the real scoop on these topics and more.

We also talk about “podfading” and the real GIFT of podcasting: the network and relationships you can build.

Inside this episode, we also have Promo-Bites for:
Midlife Love Out Loud with Junie Moon Schreiber, and
Man Alive with Shana James.

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