Podcasts are potent little audio tools that can be used in clever ways to bring about positive changes within any business framework. While that is not exactly a new idea, it isn’t as widely implemented as it should be, meaning that the following few ideas may just give you the edge you need to get the most out of your employees.

Keeping Employees Aware and Updated

Regular podcasts on the company site or via emails can be an effective way to keep employees aware about recent changes made in the company policies.

It is a well-known fact that most of us prefer to listen than read, which is why the weekly company podcast should be able to deliver all the latest updates via a more preferred form of media that your employees are much more likely to pay attention to. Simply put, podcasts are a better way to communicate than readable content, under most circumstances.

Your Fleet of Vehicles Could be Made Safer with Road Safety Podcasts

If you ask any professional driver in the world who has driven around a bit, they will tell you that they know all there is to know about road safety, and yet, commercial vehicles are responsible for thousands of accidents each year in the US.

A road safety podcast for your drivers could make a big difference by simply reminding them about what they already know, because it’s easy to forget or maybe even ignore certain essentials such as DVIR (Driver Vehicle Inspection Report) compliance for example, when you are doing the same thing every day.

In fact, fleet telematics providers in the US point out that failure to comply with the Driver Vehicle Inspection Report requirements causes carriers to lose more than 860 US dollars per vehicle, excluding fines.

Of course, podcasts alone are not going to be enough to ensure safety for your cargo, the fleet, the drivers and everyone else on the road, so you might want to consult fleet telematics providers like EnVue for further assistance regarding how to implement DVIR compliance, route optimization and various other measures that will improve the safety of your fleet, as well as the profit margins of the business.

Audio Training and Education

Podcasts are a great way to educate, which is why they are already being used in both online and offline universities with great results.

Your employees too can be trained and educated with the help of podcasts. Instead of making them go through company literature, they could be listening to it while working at the same time. Podcasts are more relatable; they make it easy to understand complex concepts and interactive podcasts could actually train your employees with instruction sets for specific tasks.

Communication is key in improving almost every aspect of business in general, and company podcasts are aimed primarily towards helping improve communication between employees and employers. Therefore, its efficiency in improving business shouldn’t come as a surprise if you think about it.