If you want to take your career in human resources to new heights, you should seriously consider starting your own HR podcast. This platform will help you to broaden your horizons and meet new people in your field, it will allow you to showcase your industry expertise, and it will give you a chance to prove your worth to potential employers.

Does this sound like a worthwhile venture? If so, be sure to read on to find advice on what you need to do to start and operate a successful HR podcast.

Choose your audience and topics carefully

Above all else, you need to produce content on your podcast that people are actually going to want to listen to. You need to give the people what they truly want. In this instance, it is crucial that you choose your audience and your topics carefully. This will help you to create a content plan that is targeted, effective, and sure to draw attention to your platform.

First and foremost, you must hone in on a consumer base. Fortunately, thanks to the vast field in which you operate, there are a host of different audiences for you to target, one of which include:

  • Existing employees
  • New recruits
  • HR students
  • Employers, bosses, and managers
  • A general audience interested in HR

No matter which audience it is you choose to hone in on, you have to keep them entertained by discussing a range of different topics on each new show that you produce. A few topics that you could potentially discuss on your podcast include:

  • The latest trends and tools in the field, such as the Inpulse HR analytics Pulse Survey
  • Interview, recruitment, and onboarding processes
  • Talent management and employee retention techniques
  • Workplace leadership
  • How to build an organizational culture
  • Strategic HR

Know your stuff

Your target audience members aren’t going to waste their time listening to your HR podcast if you don’t know what you’re talking about. If they hear you make false accusations or factually incorrect statements regarding the human resources field, they’ll have no qualms in finding another podcast host that they feel they can trust.

No matter how experienced you might be in the human resources industry, there’s always more for you to learn about the field. Here are just a few HR topics and queries that you might want to brush up on before you record your first show:

  • What incentives drive positive employee behavior?
  • How do personal values and feelings impact the world of work?
  • Can the recruitment process be streamlined?
  • Are employer-employee relations stronger now than they’ve ever been?
  • Will companies always need a human HR department, or will automation technology take over?

If you want to reach the pinnacle of your professional potential, you should seriously consider starting your own HR podcast. When you decide to take this step forward in your career, be sure to put the above advice into practice. Choose your audience and topic wisely, brush up on your HR expertise, and you’ll be sure to host a show that proves popular with the masses.