Are you looking to get more listeners of your podcast in 2020? Whether you are new to the world of podcasting or you are simply trying to reach the next stage, it can be incredibly challenging to attract new listeners particularly when you consider how many new podcasts are constantly being made. There are a few effective strategies to try, however, and combining these should help you to get regular new listeners in the new year which will help to improve your reputation — this then makes it easier to attract more listeners. 

  • Choose Current Themes & Topics

First, you should think about what issues and themes are currently playing a big role in your particular specialist area. People will want to listen and learn about these key issues, so by choosing relevant themes and topics you can immediately attract more listeners. If you have a health and fitness podcast, for example, then you could produce a few shows on mental health which is a big topic around the world right now.

  • Engage with Listeners

People no longer want to simply listen to a conversation online; they will want to be an active participant. Engaging with your listeners — whether this is with Q&A, on a chat box or on social media — is an excellent way to attract and retain listeners and will help you to build a sense of community which is so important in the podcasting world.

  • Use Digital Marketing

Using digital marketing such as link building from an experienced digital marketing agency, like , can work wonders for attracting new listeners to your show and improving your reputation. People will often search for podcasts on a search engine like Google and this allows you to improve your ranking so that you are easier to find.

  • Listener Reviews

Encouraging listeners to leave reviews is a smart idea because it is one of the first things that people will look for when searching for a new podcast to listen to. This demonstrates proof of the quality and gives people an idea of what they can expect when they listen to your show.

  • Networking

It is important to view other podcasters as allies, as opposed to competitors, as you can help each other attract new listeners. You could promote each other on your shows to open up to a new audience or even make a guest appearance on their show, and vice versa. The podcast community can be incredibly warm, friendly and keen to help so do not shy away from reaching out to a fellow podcaster to see how you could help one another.

If you try a few of these strategies in the new year, you should soon start to notice a sharp increase in the number of regular listeners that you get. It can be disheartening when you struggle to obtain new listeners, but there are always steps that you can take — with these being just a few of the most effective ones.