4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Podcast 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Podcast

Want to start a podcast? Ask yourself these questions first

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Image of two female entrepreneurs recording a podcast in their living room

#1: What will you talk about?

Most successful podcasts have a coherent subject matter. Whether that is philosophy, dancing, sales, Wall Street, or anything else, choosing a subject that you feel comfortable talking about and can become the go-to source for is a smart strategy. 

#2: What equipment do you need?

For a podcast, in terms of equipment, you need a microphone, recording and editing software, and a quiet space or ideally a recording studio.

An image of a woman wearing headphones listening to a podcast
An image of a woman wearing headphones listening to a podcast

#3: How will you grow your podcast audience?

There are a number of ways to grow your podcast audience, some of which we talk about in the Be a Great Guest Workshop. Cross-promotions between other podcasters are effective, basic SEO practices (make a website, for example), have a launch party, get good guests on, and be a self-promoter online and off are all effective ways of growing your audience.

#4: How will you monetize it (or not)?

There are many ways to monetize a podcast. You can have it be designed to promote your own business, stream on a platform where listeners can tip, sell ads, or become part of a podcast network.

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Bonus Question: When is a good time to get started?

If you are thinking of starting a new podcast, there is no time like the present! If you are hesitant or have questions that need answering regarding getting started as a podcaster, contact Turnkey Podcast. Our full-service podcast bundle is designed to help even the newest person to podcasting start seeing success ASAP!