No one is an expert at podcasting when they first begin, but if you have a good idea and an interesting way of telling a story, there is no reason that your podcast couldn’t become as popular as any other; perhaps even more so. However, for this to happen, you are going to need to stand out – there are millions of podcasts being made now, each one vying for a slice of the wider audience, and some of them will be looking for the same slice as you. By standing out and differentiating your particular podcast, you can scoop up the listeners that everyone wants. Here are some ways to do it. 

Have A Memorable Brand 

Although podcasts are an audio concept, when listeners are browsing for something new to download, they will be looking at the cover art for your podcast. They will be searching on social media for something interesting. They will be looking online for what they can find. If your branding is not memorable and doesn’t explain exactly what your podcast is all about, you might be passed over for the next podcast with some good branding. 

It’s always a good idea to speak to experts such as for the best ideas for ensuring you have a memorable brand. Once this is in place, as long as your content is just as memorable, you should be able to attract more listeners. 

Be Authentic 

Being authentic – truly being yourself and being honest about things – is essential when you want your podcast to stand out. After all, you are unique, and the experiences and ideas you have are unique too. This means that you can offer an entirely new perspective on things that no one else can, and that’s exciting. 

To be authentic, always speak in the way you would at home; there’s no need to adopt a unique voice for your podcasting, for example. People will see that you’re not honest with them, and they won’t enjoy the experience. 

Feature Guests on Your Podcast 

Although this might be something you have to work hard on, inviting specialist guests onto your podcasts – those who have their own following already, whether that’s in the podcasting world or a different medium altogether – will certainly help to make you stand out. 

It will bring you more listeners, but it will also add an air of authenticity to your podcast that will be impressive and not something that all other podcasts will be able to achieve. 

Invest in Good Equipment 

Anyone can start a podcast quite easily using nothing more than their smartphone and some free online editing equipment. However, since this is what thousands of people are doing, thousands of podcasts will have the same tone and sound to them; they are all going to be of the same low quality. 

If you are serious about making a successful podcast, you must invest in good equipment and learn how to use it correctly. In this way, when a new listener downloads your podcast, they will be able to enjoy the sound quality and the content, which will make you stand out in a very positive way.