Podcasts have risen greatly in popularity in the last decade, covering a range of topics from political affairs, history, true crime, pop culture, and – well, just about everything. Creating a podcast has become a brilliant business decision for professional journalists, radio hosts, and amateurs alike, with people paying to attend live events and purchasing merchandise of their favorite shows. If you have a podcast and are starting to get a strong following, perhaps you want to host an event or produce some merch for fans to enjoy. If so, here are some places you can sell your podcast merchandise for a bit of extra income. 

Your Website

If your podcast is starting to get a significant number of followers, you should certainly create an official website for it. You can share photographs, incorporate blog posts where you can go deeper into the topics you have discussed on your show, allow fans to engage with you, and so on. It’s also a great place to sell merch or tickets to your live events. It’s easy to set up a website with website builders, and they will have an option to create an eCommerce site for your online store. 


Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer, so it would be silly not to utilize this platform to sell your products. To do this, you will have to create an Amazon seller’s account. To make sure this process is quick and efficient, you will need to submit the relevant information regarding your podcast as a business. For example, is your podcast part of a bigger network, or do you run it independently? What is the name of your business that you run the podcast under? They will also ask for contact information and the relevant business tax details. If any of this information is incorrect, or there are complaints against your seller’s account, it might be suspended or deactivated. You can appeal this, however, and if this happens, you can get help at riverbendconsulting.com

Social Media

You can also sell your podcast merch via its social media pages, particularly on the Facebook Marketplace. It’s important to have social media accounts for your podcast, as this is another great way for your listeners to engage directly with you and the show, and a place where you can discuss ideas that have been talked about on the podcast in more detail. When it comes to your merchandise, social media is the perfect place to announce new products and promote your items, too. 

Conference and Events

Podcasts are so popular now that there are plenty of conferences and live events that listeners will attend to see their favorite shows come to life and meet the people behind the scenes. Some conferences are specific to industry professionals, too, and these can also be great opportunities to get more exposure for your show and sell merchandise. 

If you’re wanting to make some extra money from your podcast and increase its following, consider producing some quality merchandise your fans can enjoy and use these different platforms to sell it.