Businesses must rethink the way that they engage with their customers and the greater community. Simply operating is no longer enough. You need to showcase your experience, expertise, and approachability. A podcast is a perfect way to do this. 

To give you some ideas on how a business can use the podcast format and still advertise their own business, look no further. 

1. How It Works/Behind the Scenes 

A great series you can do for your podcast that works just as well in video format is a behind-the-scenes or how-it-works segment. Become a source of knowledge for those who want to get involved in your industry or who are just curious. You can explain how a extraction unit works or the chemistry behind your product. All you need is enthusiasm, and to know how to explain these types of topics to a layperson. 

It can be difficult, so don’t be afraid to write up a script and practice with friends and family. This is a skill that will help your business in the long run and can help your podcast really take off. 

2. Industry News 

Industry news is an easy way to keep content for your podcast going. You, as a business, need to stay up to date with what is going on and what applies to you, so just talk about it in a podcast. From new laws to trends, there is a lot of content you can explore when you look to your industry as a whole.

3. Machinery Comparisons

Comparison podcasts are beneficial for those in your industry. Compare two big plant truck contenders or how one set of PPE stacks up against another. It’s an interesting topic that will help your audience make better decisions. The best part is that you come away looking like the ultimate voice of authority in the subject. 

4. Business Tips and Tricks 

Business tips and tricks are always a fun way to get a broader audience listening to your podcast. Take your own business as an example. What did you struggle with and found that worked? How have you found success? You can combine self-promotion with good old guidance and get a very positive response. 

5. Interviews 

Interviews are a very popular format for podcasts, and you can interview your employees, business partners, and industry specialists. Don’t be afraid to branch out and reach new people – many will say yes to your podcast, and it’s a great way to introduce yourself to key players in the game. 

6. What’s Next 

A little self-promotion never hurt any business, and your podcast is a great way to explain your future plans to your customers. Transparency is becoming more important for customers, and the open, honest platform of a podcast is a great place to talk about the challenges (and how you have overcome them) and what you want to do with your company in the future. If you don’t have any big plans, just give a small update when it’s applicable. For example, if the only big news for your business is that you will be at a local conference, keep people updated on that.