Starting a podcast for your manufacturing business can be a smart idea, but how can you make this successful? Many business owners love the idea of starting a business podcast, but when it comes down to it, they do not know what they should be talking about and ultimately, the project flops shortly after starting. This is a shame as a podcast can be a valuable tool in today’s day and age—helping you to promote your brand and connect with your target customer; plus, there are all kinds of topics that you can cover as a manufacturing business, which will make the podcast successful, engaging, and worthwhile. Here are a few ideas.

Industry Trends

One of the best topics to cover on a manufacturing business podcast is industry trends. The manufacturing business is one that is constantly changing due to technology, consumer expectations, challenges, and various other external factors, so discussing what these are and how they are impacting your company is a huge talking point that allows you to promote your business and show how you are staying modern.


Interviews are always a smart way to keep a podcast fresh and to get expert points of view on your show. This might include leading industry figures—where you can discuss the industry as a whole—or simply staff members, where you can discuss the business and their role within it. It is a good idea to have preprepared questions, but you must also be flexible and responsive to the interviewee for a natural, entertaining, and thought-provoking interview.

Updates From The Company

A podcast is a great way to promote your business and give people an idea of what happens behind the scenes, which can be useful for humanizing the brand. You should keep people updated on the latest news from your company, such as if you have recently invested in replacement conveyor belts from a company such as You can discuss why you made this decision, how difficult it was to implement the new conveyors, and how it is affecting the daily performance of the business.

The Future

Another good topic to discuss with any business-related podcast is what the future might hold. You can discuss what the future might look like for the industry as a whole (this is particularly interesting right now due to Covid-19), along with what the future might look like for your specific company. As previously mentioned, the manufacturing industry changes so quickly, so discussing what the near- and far future might look like is an interesting topic to get into.

Business Advice

Providing business advice is a smart way to show your expertise and to keep any listeners who run their own company coming back. Every business needs to paint itself as an expert in the industry, which can be challenging; but by providing tips and advice you are easily able to do this while also providing a valuable service to your listeners.

As you can see, there are all kinds of interesting podcast topics to cover as a manufacturing business, and you should be able to create shows that are highly engaging for your target audience.