Podcasts finally have their day online. From meager beginnings only ten years ago, podcasts have shot up in popularity in the last decade, thanks in part to large online stores presenting them, and the benefits of podcasts for commuters who have an hour to kill each morning and evening. In this short piece, we’re going to look at how to promote your podcast to boost your listening figures each week, generating more and more revenue from advertising as you expand your audience.

Your Content

The popularity of your podcast ultimately falls on the content itself. If a listener discovers your podcast and finds that they like it, they’ll be more likely to recommend it to a friend. This word of mouth advertising is, in fact, one of the key ways in which podcasts are shared – and, obviously, it’s a free way to get your podcast marketed.

But producing great content can be difficult. It can feel like an upwards struggle, as you get used to your presenting technique and the things you’re going to talk about, and you begin inviting more and more interested guests on to speak. Even when you start out, though, you should ensure you have high-quality equipment, a professional jingle, and excellent editing skills so that your content feels professional throughout. 

Paid Advertising

Another method to boost your podcast is to advertise it all across the internet. This means breaking out of the podcast marketing space on your podcast platform, building a rudimentary website where your podcast will be available for streaming and downloads, and targeting consumers on the web with adverts about your podcast.

Because a podcast doesn’t ask a web user to part with their cash, they’re likely to click on your adverts to discover more about your podcast. And, if you use pay per click (PPC) adverts, you’ll only pay for the clicks of those consumers who do click through to your website. This is an effective way to market your podcast through paid advertising, often leading to impressive returns on your investment. Use a PPC advertising agency Made by Factory to help you build this campaign online.

Social Media

There is something inherently digital, social, and groundbreaking about the podcast. The best podcasts feel social, conversational and informal, and often lend themselves to discussions on Facebook, or photographs on Instagram. With this awareness, you should make sure that your podcast is shared on all of your social media platforms, helping web users to find your content in more corners of the world wide web.

Specifically, this is where you’ll build an audience for your brand and your podcast – one that you have active conversations with. You can ask questions and do polling from your social media platform, ensuring that you’re getting feedback, and you’re featuring social media users, in the podcast itself. Use YouTube, too, to generate views on your podcasts – and video your recording studio to give video-lovers that extra bit of content as they listen.

There you have it: some of the most important ways that you can share your podcast with more consumers and web users in the future.