If you are planning on traveling with the family any time soon, then you may want to consider getting in some podcasts for the family to listen to. Whether you listen together while on the road or tune in individually, they make a welcome break from the same old music playlists, which get tired quickly.

Podcasts not only provide great entertainment but can also allow families to enrich themselves and learn something new. 

While we are all guilty of using screens to keep the kids entertained, this is not always a practical option, and a great podcast can help fill the time during traffic, flight delays, and security queues.

It is also a good idea to get the kids to look up from their screens on road trips and learn something while they take in all the scenery around them.

How to Listen

Once you have booked your flight and your airport parking at Parkon.com, you can turn your attention to finding the best podcasts to listen to.  

Podcasts can be streamed straight from the website; however, this uses bandwidth and needs a Wi-Fi connection to work, which isn’t always practical while you travel, so you are much better off downloading your chosen podcasts to a smartphone or tablet.

iTunes is a great starting point to begin your search and will automatically alert you to new episodes of your favorite shows as they become available. Another great option is Audible, which not only has books but also a decent selection of podcasts.

Remember to pack your headphones!

What to Listen To

The following are great family-friendly options that even the adults might enjoy.

Wow in the World

Wow, in the world, have managed to make science and technology fun for kids and parents alike, answering questions like Where do we come from? Why is eating healthy food good for our brain? Why does seaweed make you clever?

With catchy songs that are pleasing to both children and adults, this podcast is full of energy and is sure to get the conversation flowing for the family.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

Witty, humorous, and educational, Stuff You Missed in History Class has an informal style that makes learning about history great fun. Covering a wide selection of topics there is something for everyone 

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff you should know answers burning questions like How do dogs perceive time? Why does orange juice taste so bad after we brush our teeth? And Why do people blush? In an informative but chatty way that is entertaining for adults and children alike.  Each episode tackles a new topic with great banter and rapport from the show’s host, which keeps it a firm favorite for podcast listeners.

Brains On

Focusing on science, Brains On is a popular podcast that includes funny jokes and interesting scientific stories. Volcanos, outer space, and monster trucks are all part of teaching science in a cool way that kids and adults will love.