Is it publishing day and you aren’t seeing your episode on your favorite listening app? There is a lot to consider:

Are you sure the episode didn’t publish? Here’s how to check.

  • Check another platform to verify, you are on several (Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher or Google Play)

  • If you are on a mobile app, completely close the app or force quit the app through your settings in order to force it to refresh 

  • If in your computer browser try using a different browser or incognito browser

  • Use a different device completely, if you are on your phone, use a computer or vice versa

  • Empty your cache

  • Ask someone else to look it up to verify

If you find that the episode IS published, you just aren’t seeing it on your personal device or browser, it is an isolated incident and we suggest taking steps to update your app or program.

If after updating you are still experiencing issues, do a simple search on Google, browse their support articles or contact the app or website’s support team as we do not offer support on 3rd party platforms.

If your episode IS NOT published, please get in touch with us right away.