Blubrry has created a way for you to do your initial podcast setup and post your new episodes from within your WordPress website. This is only an option for those that have a WordPress website and does not work with any other website platform. Below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using the Powerpress plugin.


  • Posting your show using this plugin automatically adds new episodes to your podcast feed (which goes to Apple, Spotify & other platforms) AND to your website. You do not need to post it twice (to Blubrry and your website) nor do you need to buy any other players or plugins to get the show on your website.

  • Episodes are relatively easy to publish. They are published similarly to how you would publish a regular Blog Post.


  • Your podcast feed is coded into your website. If your website goes down you will not be able to publish new episodes during that period and depending on the cause of the outage your podcast feed might be interrupted as well. 

  • Whatever text is displayed within the blog post will show up on your podcast feed (Apple, Spotify, etc.) as your show notes. You will not be able to add text to your website only and exclude it from show notes on other platforms.


  • Episodes are Posts in the eyes of WordPress and will be treated as such. This is neither good nor bad but it will impact how your episodes are displayed on your site. If you are not happy with how episodes display by default you will need to contact your website designer to change your theme settings in order to change how episodes display on your site.

Read more about Powerpress on Blubrry’s site here:

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