Creating a niche sports podcast can be difficult, from when you choose your niche and the day of your launch to when you are trying to keep your podcast afloat six months later. To make sure that your sporting podcast is popular from the second that it airs, here are some top tips to ensure its success both now and in the future. 

1 Learn About Your Niche

The first step that you need to take is to learn about your niche and ensure that you are an expert in your field. Unless you make it plain that you are simply looking to share your enthusiasm with other fans, to grow your following, you need to show that the information that you are providing is accurate and that your fans are listening to someone that knows what they are talking about. Then, many podcasts are created by professional sports players. To learn more about the sport in question, you should apply for a tennis scholarship from ASM Scholarships, which can help to get you on the right pathway to obtaining the degree-level knowledge that you need to become an expert. 

2 Chat About Your Experiences

One of the best directions that you should consider taking your podcast in to be successful is chatting about your own experiences with a sport, whether you have played professionally, are a spectator, or simply a massive fan. This can help your audience to relate to and connect with you, as well as ensure that you constantly have new content. After all, one of the easiest subjects that you can be an expert in is your own memory.

3 Find Your Niche Audience

However, to be successful, you need an audience to support you. When you are developing a niche podcast, such as one about an obscure sport, you need to find fans of this subject, even though it falls outside of the mainstream. You can do this by advertising in places where your audience might be, such as pay-per-click advertising on a sporting website, guest posting on a sports blog, or by following and using certain hashtags on social media. 

4 Relate to Current Events

If you want to keep your podcast current and your audience coming back for me, you should try to relate your podcast to current events, such as live matches or issues that are shaking the sports industry at that moment. To follow these, you should set alerts on major news sites for sports articles or keywords, such as a certain player’s name. This is especially important during the sports season, in which the most important leagues are usually played. 

5 Get Interviews and Unique Content

However, to make your podcast stand out from others, you should create consistently unique content that your fans will get nowhere else. One of the biggest hooks for podcast listeners is exclusive interviews with people from the sporting world, whether that be commentators, managers, or the players themselves, which can give your audience an insight into the sporting world.