Podcasts have become a really popular form of entertainment in recent years, perhaps due to their on-demand nature, and how they are the perfect audio companion to listen to while you engage in other tasks. Furthermore, a lot of people have gotten into podcasts due to how you can learn from them and access a wide array of information. 

When searching through all the popular podcasts available, it almost appears that every celebrity or person of influence has a podcast. The reason for this is simple, podcasts are a great way to improve your brand awareness and make you more famous, while also providing a good revenue stream if you obtain enough success to get sponsorship. What’s interesting though, is that not many businesses have associated podcasts … yet. Getting your foot in the door can help you gain an advantage as you gain an audience and boost your reputation, which can help you expand your audience base and win more customers. This is just one reason why your business should have a podcast; here are a few more. 

Easy way to repurpose content 

Most businesses have either a social media presence or blog (or ideally both) that’s used to help boost brand awareness via the posting of articles and other forms of content. Although these can be great ways to attract leads to your websites, after time their impact can get stale and they have the potential to become dead pages on your website. 

To give them a new lease on life, you can always adapt the content and turn it into an interesting podcast show, making something old, new and exciting again. This is a really good tactic as today’s business environment is really faced paced and hectic, meaning the less time that’s needed to complete a project the better. 

Podcast listeners are engaged 

A really encouraging stat for businesses is that podcast listeners are some of the most highly engaged audience bases out there, with 75% of listeners taking some sort of action. This means they’re the most likely to follow a call to action or follow an affiliate link, click on adverts, or buy your merchandise. 

Furthermore, the generalized audience of podcasters has a lot more disposable income according to a recent study, making them more likely to have a low cost per conversion metric. To make sure you reach as big of an audience as possible, you should consider translating your podcasts into different languages, which can be done with help from globalcitizenstranslation.com, so that your content is accessible to a larger amount of people.

Podcasts can make you a leading authority in your domain 

Having a business podcast where you dive deeper into the intricacies of your product niche, such as giving advice or teaching listeners how to do things, can make you a more trusted figure of authority. Through the audio medium, it’s far easier for speakers to get their point across in an engaging way, as people recall twice the information they obtain from listening than they do from reading. By going deep into a subject you can demonstrate your brand’s understanding of their domain, building you into a trustworthy expert, which is going to entice more people to not only listen to the podcast but engage with your product and services. A high-quality podcast implies a high-quality business, so getting this right can really help improve your brand awareness and marketing.