Connecting with your audience is a key element to having a successful business. Communicating your main objectives and services allows consumers to have a better understanding of what you’re all about which will increase awareness and engagement. Whilst both traditional and digital marketing is a useful tool to publicize your business, advances in technology have opened the doors to other marketing platforms that your audience may find more useful. 

Most businesses understand the importance of social media campaigns and how they can be used to reach a further audience but podcasting is still a little undiscovered in the professional world. Creating a business podcast can publicize your business in an indirect manner, where customers see it as a useful information tool rather than a direct sales pitch. Here are just a few of the ways a podcast can help your business: 

It Will Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Clients

Having a strong connection with your client base will encourage consumers to seek out your product or services when they need it. A podcast provides the opportunity to discuss your business ethos in more detail and start a dialogue with your audience. Many business podcasts encourage listeners to send in questions regarding you, your products or topics that are related to your industry, allowing you to speak openly and answer any queries they may have. 

It Will Increase Traffic To Your Website

Just like social media, podcasting is another platform that provides an opportunity to connect with your audience, increasing your reach and gaining customers that you may not have been able to reach using another format. If you take a look at the current audience size, roughly 26% of the population of America listen to podcasts monthly and 17% listen weekly. The rate of listeners is currently growing by 10 to 20% each year and looks to continue in this upward trend. Taking advantage of this increasingly popular marketing tool will create more traffic to your website and greater customer engagement. 

It Will Provide Useful Content For Your Customers

The main aspect to focus on when creating a successful podcast is providing your audience with useful content that gives them a reason to tune in and listen every week or month. Create a format and follow it so listeners know what to expect when they tune in. Covering a different topic each month provides them with useful knowledge and builds trust around your brand. For example, Good Housekeeping’s podcast would focus on home improvement ideas whereas Expungement Attorney Los Angeles from ExpungeAmerica would focus on legal advice. Both would cater to their target audience, drawing in the listeners that are most likely to use their services.  

Podcasting will help your business stay relevant and help build useful connections within your industry. Having guests on the podcast will keep engagement high and producing continuous high quality content will build a loyal following. It’s a great strategy to increase business and learn more about your audience during the process.