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Easy How-To Videos

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Full MONDAY TRAINING Video (10 min)

This video will show you how to use your production board. Feel free to listen at 2x speed to save time but please do watch the video in its entirety so that you know how to use the platform and how to communicate with out team.


Individual segments and other Q&A are available below.


Just the highlights (3 min) if you’re tech savvy

This goes over uploading episodes and talking to Team Members only. If you have used project management software before or are tech savvy in general this short video will do the trick.


WHERE TO GET client support and FAQ (90 sec)

If you have questions NOT related to a specific episode, have requests or want to discuss additional services this video will show you where to ask.

customize Profile & account settings (30 sec)

This shows how to edit email notifications and profile settings including changing your profile name.


conversations & notifications (3 min)

By default you receive email notifications when contacted within This will show you where to check your conversation updates regardless of if you’ve turned off your email notifications.


i get too many emails! What do i do? (30 sec)

All you have to do is change your notification settings. See below: